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    When the costumes are available for purchase?

    We depend on the samba schools and our suppliers. Usually in mid-November, when samba schools have defined their plots, their wings and themes, we have costumes for sale.

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    The costumes must be returned after the parade?

    No! The costume is yours. A great souvenir to take home.

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    With the costume can I watch other parades?

    No. The costume only allows you to stay in the warm-up area next to your samba school and to parade along Avenida Marques de Sapucai, the Sambodromo. To watch other parades you must have a ticket.

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    How do I give my measures?

    After purchase you will have the option to send your measures, through our website, inside your account.

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    Where should I go with my costume to find my samba school?

    After purchase, you will be instructed on the location where to meet with other members of your school in the parade area, on Avenida Presidente Vargas, which gives access to the Sambadrome. There are two options of warm-up areas, one is in front of the Cedae / Correios building and the other one is in front of the building named “Balança mas não cai”. You must arrive there 2 hours before your parade.

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    There is a locker to keep my clothes and belongings during the parade?

    No, unfortunately there is no lockers at the parade area. We recommend that you go there wearing your costume and take few belongings. During the parade you must hide your belongings within your custome.

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    How to get to the Sambadrome wearing my costume?

    You can purchase a VIP costume on our website, which includes transportation from our Hospitality Desk in Copacabana to the warm-up area and a guide to accompany you throughout the parade and bring you back safely. The best option for those who do not want a VIP costume is the subway, many people are dressed up to parade too.

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    Can I take photos?

    You can take photos during the warm-up and after the parade. During the parade it is forbidden to take photos so it is necessary to hide your camera or cell phone under the costume. We do not recommend taking professional or large cameras as it will be difficult to hide during the parade.

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    How can I parade with a Samba School?

    To parade along with a samba school in Rio, you must buy a costume. The costumes are available for purchase on our website as soon as they are launched by the samba schools. We work with several samba schools from the access group and the special group. To see the costume options and samba schools available access: https://www.rio.com/rio-carnival-costumes

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    How do I buy my costume?

    To buy your costume you must access our website: https://www.rio.com/rio-carnival-costumes

    You will choose between the costume options and samba schools available, create an account or login into your account and proceed with the purchase. During the purchase you will have the option to send your measures, through our website, inside your account.

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    Is there a place to keep the costume if I watch the parades?

    No, unfortunately there are no lockers at the Sambadrome. You can discard the costume right after the parade, or if you want you can take it with you.

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    What can I bring to the parade?

    The costume is an important part of the parades and counts points for the samba school, so it is not allowed to parade with any component that is not part of the costume on display or have any part of the costume missing, which can even cause your expulsion from the parade.

    We recommend you to bring only the essentials, such as money and your ID, in a small bag or a money belt that can be put close to your body, inside the costume and that does not compromise the costume.