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To truly make of most of your Rio Carnival experience, there’s a lot you’ll want to do. Many of Rio Carnival’s greatest events require that you purchase admissions tickets ahead of time. On you can book your convenient shuttle transfers and tickets to unforgettable events like the Sambadrome Parade and the magnificent Carnival Balls. From the Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace Hotel to the nightly Scala Ball Series, including the Mangueira Ball, the Gay Ball, the Bola Preta Ball, the City Ball and the Beer Ball — find them all on! Once you have book your tickets, whether you have chosen the pickup or delivery options, be sure to read about receiving your Rio Carnival tickets and our Rio Carnival Help Desk. Also make sure you file for a travel Visa.

The Sambadrome Parade is proud to bring you the widest selection of tickets to the Sambadrome Parades. Each year more and more people flock to Rio as the Carnival Parades grow in both scale and magnitude. The Sambadrome Parades are arguably the hottest events on the planet, so it goes without saying that people from around the world try to get their hands on tickets to these unparalleled displays of excitement and energy. Unfortunately, the demand for the Sambadrome Parade tickets far outweighs the supply: so don’t wait until last minute. Book your Rio Carnival Parade tickets today!

While the venue has a maximum capacity of  an impressive 90,000, with well over half a million tourists flocking to Rio in the hopes of seeing the awe-inspiring Sambadrome Parades, many tourists never get the opportunity to experience one of the highlights of Carnival in Rio. A dazzling spectacle of color and rhythm, Sambadrome Parades can be a once-in-a-lifetime event that if you make it to Rio, you won’t want to miss! Buy your tickets today on the Sambadrome Parade Tickets page.

Rio Carnival Balls

Carnival Balls have a long historical significance to the festivities of Carnival in Rio. offers you access to the legendary Rio Carnival Balls at affordable prices. There are different ticket options available for the Carnival Balls, from General Admissions to VIP Tables. And there are many Rio Carnival Balls to choose from — from the Scala Ball series that takes place nightly during Carnival to the legendary Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace Hotel. There is a Carnival Ball for everyone of all tastes and preferences. Secure your spot today on the Carnival Balls ticket page!

Rio Carnival Balls

Carnival Ball Day Date Year
Bola Preta Ball Friday February 9 2018
Mangueira Ball Saturday February 10 2018
Magic Ball Saturday February 10 2018
City Ball Sunday February 11 2018
Beer Ball Monday February 12 2018
Scala Gay Ball Tuesday February 13 2018

Sambadrome Parade Transfers

Sambadrome Parade is pleased to offer you our safe and convenient round-trip shuttle transfers to-and-from your hotel or cruise ship and the Sambadrome. On parade night, our Rio Carnival shuttle bus will pick you up outside your hotel and will drive you right to the gates of the Sambadrome, the official venue of Rio Carnival. When you are ready to return to your hotel or ship, our shuttles will be waiting for you at the gates. For your convenience, shuttles will depart the Sambadrome every hour after midnight (after each Samba School procession), and will drop you off to your hotel. Ease your mind and purchase your Rio Carnival Sambadrome Parade Shuttle transfer through on our Transfers ticket page!

Sambadrome Parade Seating


The Sambadrome is split into sectors. Each sector offers you choice of frisas (open front boxes escalating from rows A to D), the Camarotes (luxury boxes), Grandstands (general admissions tickets), or the Tourist Sector (Sector 9. Pre-allocated seats). Samba School performances begin at the lower-numbered sectors and proceed toward the higher-numbered sectors. If this is not your first Carnival, note that the layout of the Sambadrome has changed in recent years. In 2012, when renovations for the 2016 Olympics were complete, Sector two was replaced by Sectors 2, 4, 6, and 8, and and located directly across the avenue from Sectors 3, 5, 7, and 9.

The Grandstand

Grandstand (Arquibancada)The Grandstand seats offer great views of the entire parade route at an affordable price. Sectors 4, 5, 6, and 7 are the most centrally located, offering a full 180 degree view of the parade. With the exception of Sector 9, which is the “Tourist Sector”, these concrete bleachers are general admissions tickets and are not numbered, so it’s recommended that you arrive early to secure the best possible seats. In the Grandstand you are free to move around as you please, and most people tend to stand as close as they can to the front so they can scream, sing, dance, and cheer as the Samba Schools put on their breathtaking performances. These seats are great for getting a feel for what Rio Carnival means to the Cariocas, or locals, who will show you how to party Carnival-style!

Front Boxes

Front Box (Frisa) Rows A and BThe front boxes (or frisas) are considered by many to be the best seats in the Sambadrome, offering the same level of privacy as the luxury suites, without the VIP services. These open-air frisas are located as close as you can get to the parade route, organised in four rows of boxes ranging from rows A to D, row A situated at floor-level. Each box has seating for 6 people in numbered chairs and is complete with chairs, a coffee table, and access to a concession stand inside your Sector. The frisas allow you to feel the beat of the samba drums from your own private box, and you will see the vibrant and mesmerizing floats, fast-paced dance moves, and intricately designed costumes as if you are part of the parade. And remember: you don’t need to book the entire box to enjoy the best seats in the house.

Allocated Chairs: Sectors 12 and 13

Sambadrome Allocated ChairsThe allocated chairs (cadeiras in Portuguese) of sectors 12 and 13 are organized in long rows of assigned seats facing the parade route. On the same level as the samba runway, seats in these sectors are easily the best value for your money as they are the most affordable of the Sambadrome’s assigned seats. The allocated chairs are situated in the Apotheosis Square, the location at the end of the parade route where members of the Samba Schools gather at the end of their procession to dismount the enormous floats and take off their heavy costumes. It is not uncommon for parade members to leave their costumes near the allocated chairs, providing the unique and exciting opportunity for spectators located in these sectors to snag and wear costumes that have been left behind.

Luxury Suite

The Luxury Suites (or Camarotes in Portuguese) are elevated, specially decorated indoor boxes that are spread across the parading avenue from Sectors 2 to 11. Considered the most sought after seats in the Sambadrome, the Luxury Suites provide spectators with a great view of the parade route, in addition to first-class waiter service, a buffet, and a unlimited drinks. Though Rio Carnival is a widely-recognized to be a safe event, as the preferred ticket option for high-profile people from around the world, the luxury suites offer enhanced security — so you may find yourself seated alongside celebrities, politicians, and even royalty. While they offer amenities not available to the rest of the crowd, the Luxury Suites come at a cost. Not only are they the most expensive tickets in the Sambadrome, but visibility can also be a problem. Sometimes the suite window is only big enough for 12 people to watch the show with unrestricted views; therefore, we only recommend the suites for closed parties of 12, 24, or 36 people.

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