Estação Primeira de Mangueira is the oldest and one of the most famous of Rio de Janiero’s existing Samba Schools. Its colors being pink and green, Mangueira has a reputation for being the most colorful Samba Schools and is always a crowd favorite. Known for its traditional samba performances with a modern flair, Mangueira boasts some of the most beautiful women and entrancing music, making it one of the most talented and well-respected Samba Schools in Rio, garnering the support of many celebrities including international film star Vincent Cassell.

Having been around for more than 84 years, over time Mangueira has won many Rio Carnival Championships (with 18 titles to date), along with the hearts of many Brazilians. Mangueira draws large crowds to its Samba nights and rallies a lot of support from its community. In 1984, the Mangueira Samba School won the first Samba Parade to take place in the Sambadrome, called the Super Cup.  In 2007, Mangueira confronted a major taboo according to Samba tradition: one of the most progressive statements made by any Samba School at a Sambadrome Parade,  Mangueira celebrated its 80th anniversary by allowing women to join its percussion (the bateria).

Service Projects: Mangueira is one the the poorest favelas in Rio and has been hit with a wave of crime in recent years. The Mangueira Samba School is very active in its own community, sponsoring events and providing a safe have for people of all ages to maintain a sense of community and culture, and to stay off the streets.

Due to the high crime rate in its home region, Mangueira has turned its focus on the youth of its neighborhood, forming an organization called the Developing Minds Foundation. The foundation is a sports school that provides over 200 adolescents an organized place to learn sports in an atmosphere where they can be surrounded by mentors and good influences. What’s more, the foundation focuses on teaching discipline and motivation while fostering self-esteem.

Many of the nation’s well-known football (soccer) players and coaches join the Developing Minds Foundation, serving as mentors and coaches that inspire the children of the surrounding favelas, encouraging them to make better lives for themselves. Mangueira partners with corporations like Petrobas to raise funds for its community, and it also sells merchandise in its shops (one of which is on Copacabana Beach), and selling tickets to its Samba nights.

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