The Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel Samba School, commonly known as Mocidade, formed out of a local football (soccer) club from the favela of Padre Miguel in Vila Vintém, a neighborhood located on the western side of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Known for its unique and unparalleled style of dance and its excellence in teaching its members the steps of the samba, Mocidade competed in its first Rio Carnival parade in 1955.  Competing in Group B, by 1958 Mocidade won its first Group title, which bumped the Samba School up to the higher tiered Access Group. In 1976, Mocidade placed fifth in the Special Group and were the Rio Carnival runners-up in 1976. Finally, in 1979 the Mocidade Samba School won its first overall Rio Carnival title with a spectacular interpretation of its theme, “The Discovery of Brazil”. Ever since, Mocidade has been known for the the unity and synchronicity in its performances, tying together the various aspects of plot with an innovative use of dance, music, costumes and floats. Known for its futuristic design concepts, Mocidade shocked the audience, judges, and other parading Samba Schools with a miraculous flying parader — a first in Rio Carnival history!

Service Projects: In addition to sponsoring community youth arts programs, the Mocidade Samba School is an active supporter of civil equality and a pioneer for the advancement of the homosexual community. Mocidade capitalizes on its moment in the spotlight to captivate and persuade the entire nation of Brazil. In 2010, the team put their position on display in the Sambadrome by being the first Samba School in Rio Carnival history to dedicate a wing, or ala, to the gay community. It’s important to note that while the wing is considered the “gay wing”, this only means that it focuses on the school’s gay members. The wing is “gay-friendly”, as opposed to “gay-only” — so anyone is invited to participate. The point of the gay wing is to highlight the importance of the gay community in Brazil and the contributions they make to society.

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