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    How to get and return from the Sambadrome?

    You can go to the sambadrome in several ways. By taxi, Uber, subway or transfer are the most recommended options. We do not recommend that you go by conventional bus as many bus routes change during the parade days and we do not recommend that you go by car as the streets surrounding the sambadrome are closed, making access difficult.

    To learn more about all the transport options for the sambadrome, access: http://www.carnivalbookers.com/rio-de-janeiro/transportation/how-to-get-to-the-sambadrome-in-rio

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    Can I go by taxi?

    Yes. The Sambadrome has an agreement with two authorized taxi companies, one for each side, that will drop you off inside the Sambadrome, Coopatur and Coopertramo.

    To use them you must make a reservation by phone.
    For the odd side: Coopertramo, phones 21 2560-2022 or 2560-1474. For the even side: Coopatur, phone 21 3885-1000.

    Inform the taxi driver of your sector number so that he can take you to the correct entrance and on the way back, you can take one of these taxis, parked between sectors 8 and 10 on the even side and between sectors 9 and 11 on the odd side.

    They have pre-arranged fare and you must contact the company to find out about the exact prices.

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    Can I get a Taxi on the street or an Uber?

    You can also call a taxi on the street or an Uber, but note that the Sambadrome's surroundings will be closed to vehicle circulation, with the exception of accredited companies.

    When using a regular taxi or Uber, you will probably have to walk down some streets until you reach your sector in the Sambadrome. This option is only suitable for those who have tickets to the odd sectors, as the access of cars on this side is easier.

    We do not recommend this option if you have ticket to an even sector, as the streets on this side are small, complicated and easy to get lost.

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    Can I go by car?

    The streets surrounding the Sambadrome will be closed to vehicles, with the exception of vehicles accredited by the city hall. In addition, there are almost no places to park near the Sambadrome and they are very expensive and often illegal.

    Do not park in prohibited places, there are a lot of supervision and probably your vehicle will be fined or towed.

    If you want to use a car, a good option is to drive to a subway/metro station that aren’t near to the Sambadrome and park your car to go by subway/metro. For example, Botafogo Station, Largo do Machado Station, Gloria Station and Catete Station in the South Zone.

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    Can I use the subway/metro to the Sambadrome?

    Yes, this is the best public transportation option. The subway service is very reliable and safe, running without interruption throughout the carnival, 24 hours a day during parade days, with an interval of 10 minutes during the night. For the even sectors, the near station is Praça Onze, approximately 300 meters from the Sambadrome. For the odd sectors, the near station is the Central station, approximate 1.2 kilometers from the Sambadrome.

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    How does it work the Transfer Service?

    Our Special Transfer service is the most convenient and safe way to reach the Sambadrome. Departing from the main hotels in Rio, at 3 specific times and on the way back, at the end of each samba school's parade there is a transfer returning to the same point you boarded. Get to know more about our transfer: https://www.carnivalbookers.com/rio-de-janeiro/transportation/transportation-to-the-sambadrome

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    How does the Bookers Angels works?

    Bookers offers a special service for those who buy tickets for the Grandstands on the even side.

    You will leave our Hopsitality Desk in Copacabana and take the metro / subway to the Sambadrome round trip next to a specially trained Bookers Angel Guide.

    In the company of the Angels, your only goal will be fun, because we take care of the rest! And there is more, the metro / subway tickets are on our own. To see more access: https://www.carnivalbookers.com/angels

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    Do you have a Transfer from the port / pier?

    Our Special Transfer Service can also be purchased along with your tickets and after completing your order you can choose a location and time to be picked up from the port. Our transfer departs from the Terminal 4 exit, the main gate.

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