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    What time should I arrive?

    On the Access Group parade days the parades start at 10 pm and on the Special Group and Champions parade days the parades start at 9:30 pm but the gates of the sambadrome are open at 7 pm.

    If your ticket does not have assigned seat and you want to choose where to sit, we recommend that you arrive at least 1 hour before the show. If your ticket has assigned seat, there is no need to arrive before the parades start.

    The show is long and runs until dawn, so if you prefer to save your energy to attend the last school, we recommend that you arrive later. Remember that you can enter the sambadrome any time you want, so you have the flexibility to decide which schools you want to attend and schedule your time.

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    What clothes should I wear?

    Use comfortable clothes. Because it‘s during the summer, the weather is very hot. The spotlighting and the large concentration of people leave the place even hotter. There may be rain at night, so a raincoat is recommended because umbrellas disturb the view of who are behind and it's forbidden.

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    What can I bring to the Sambadrome?

    You can take food and drinks to the Sambodromo. Just keep the limit of two 500ml transparent plastic bottles with any drink and two food items (snacks, fruits, sandwiches etc.) per person.

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    Is it possible to buy food and drinks at the Sambadrome?

    Yes. There are several kiosks, snack bars and vendors inside the Sambadrome. Credit and debit cards are accepted.

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    How to avoid lines and crowds?

    The movement is higher around 9 pm and also at the end of the last school of samba. But it's also big during the breaks between schools. So enjoy a school that you don’t like so much to go to the bathroom, buy food, drinks or go the shopping area.

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    What time does the parade start?

    On the Access Group parade days, the parades start at 10 pm and on the Special Group and Champions parade days, the parades start at 9:30 pm.

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    Are there restrooms at the Sambadrome?

    Yes, throughout the Sambadrome, in all sectors, it is possible to find restrooms in the common areas. The Fronto box area and the Folia Tropical and Super Folia have exclusive bathrooms for those who have tickets in these areas. Chemical toilets are available in sectors 12 and 13.

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    Can I leave the Sambadrome and come back later?

    You can leave and return as many times as you want from your grandstand, front box and allocated chair to go to the food, restroom and shopping area inside the Sambadrome, but after leaving the Sambadrome you will not be able to return.

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    Is there a place for a wheelchair user?

    Unfortunately the Sambadrome does not have many options adapted for wheelchairs. There is an exclusive area for wheelchair users and people with special needs, which is in sector 13, but tickets are limited and it is available only for brazilian citizens.

    Another adapted option is the Folia Tropical and Super Folia. They are fully adapted, with access ramps and an elevator, in addition to having an exclusive area for people with special needs to watch the parades, very close to the parade and the window.

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