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    How are Sambadrome Parade Tickets priced?

    Tickets to the Rio Carnival in the Sambadrome are priced according to the location on the samba runway. Tickets being the most center ones, do command the highest premiums.
    Prices are determined according to the type of seat you are looking to purchase. No prices are guaranteed until paid for in full.
    General admissions or Grandstand seats (Arquibancadas in Portuguese ) are by far the least expensive tickets to obtain. Prices get more expensive for the reserved seating tickets because they offer the security and the comfort of having a predetermined assigned seat and they are not first come first served. The only sector in the grandstand that has reserved seating in Sector 9.
    Front boxes (sometimes called open boxes or frisas in Portuguese ) will put you right up and as close as you can get to the parade runway... They are all with 20 feet of the runway and offer the privacy of your own box with a table to put your food and beverages on.
    Luxury suites ( or Camarotes in Portuguese ) are indoors Suites offer special VIP services and ammenities including sofas, TV's and catered food -- so they are the most expensive and prestigious tickets in the house and are the place that most celebrities are at.
    Prices generally get more expensive as the carnival dates get closer so we advise you to order you Rio Carnival Tickets as early as possible.

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    How much can I expect to spend on Carnival parade tickets?

    Tickets for the Sambadrome Parades typically range from around US$100 to US$1200 or more, depending on the sector you choose and the type of ticket you purchase. Please review our selection of Rio Carnival Tickets today!!

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    Are there special prices for children?

    Not Really. Children under 5 years of age not get admission into the Sambadrome.

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    How much does it cost to get into a Carnival Ball?

    That depends on the Carnival ball you are planning to attend and the type of ticket you plan on purchasing. Most General admissions tickets are going to be cheaper than VIP type of tickets. There are a few types of carnival balls thrown in Rio de Janeiro over Carnival.
    Generally, tickets to the Carnival balls will range from around US$100 to upwards of US$1,000 or more.
    Tickets to the exclusive Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace hotel command very high entrance fees.
    If these prices are out of your budget range, there are other fantastic nightly Rio Carnival Ball at the Rio Scala Nightclub !

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